Unflavored Original Ice Cream Mix - 6 pouch pack

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The Curious Creamery Ice Cream Mix is the world's first Do-It-Yourself ice cream mix that can be prepared without an ice cream machine. All you need is a cold liquid, hand mixer and a freezer! You can even customize your ice cream using any of your favorite cold liquids (coffee, tea, fruit juice, vegetable purees, beer, wine… etc). Enjoy delicious frozen treats with less than half the fat and calories of most premium finished ice cream brands. 

  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Trans Fat, No Artificial flavors, Colors or Preservatives. Naturally Gluten Free. 0g Lactose
  • Easy DIY Ice Cream Making Kit - NO ICE CREAM MACHINE REQUIRED!
  • Easy prep & clean-up, only takes about 5 minutes! 
  • Each pouch makes up to one pint of ice cream.