The Boozy Ice Cream Sampler

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The Boozy Ice Cream Sampler

Can't decide which Boozy Ice Cream flavor to try?

The Boozy Ice Cream Mix Sampler allows you to try three popular alcoholic beverage flavors Mint Mojito, Margarita and Irish Mudslide. This is the perfect addition to any party, Bar-B-Que, or any other celebration!

  • Sampler includes 2 pouches of each flavor.
  • Each pouch makes up to one pint of you favorite frozen dessert. 
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Trans Fat, No Artificial flavors, Colors or Preservatives. Naturally Gluten Free. 0g Lactose.
  • Easy DIY Alcoholic Ice Cream - NO ICE CREAM MACHINE REQUIRED!
  • Easy prep & clean-up, only takes about 5 minutes! 
  • Alcohol is not included.